RiverRock Mortgage Investment Company (MIC) is a leading and trusted private lender in Ontario. Our team works to provide mortgage alternatives for brokers and a fixed-income source for investors. Our mission is simple: Offer investors an opportunity to invest in shares in a profitable and highly marketable residential mortgage portfolio, while providing brokers with mortgage solutions.

Our diversified portfolio of high-yield Canadian residential mortgages provides investors with a stable and predictable set of returns. We primarily focus on highly-marketable residential real estate in Ontario, in both urban and suburban markets, with a portfolio of first and second mortgages.


Investors pool their money by buying shares in a company called a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC). MICs are special companies created by virtue of Section 130.1 of the Income Tax Act.



Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in mortgage underwriting, risk management and mortgage investments. We have a proven track record of consistently creating a diversified, low-risk profile that creates sustained returns on your investment. We have a solid understanding on what type of residential real estate and borrowers to lend to that reduces the risk to RiverRock and our investors. We also have excellent long term relationships with our mortgage brokers.

Our experienced team of underwriters at RiverRock MIC mitigates risk by using our priority underwriting model. This model puts a tremendous amount of weight on the marketability of the real estate. Our disciplined approach to underwriting creates a portfolio that can endure tougher economic cycles.


Who says that there can only be one winner? Not us. We built our business creating three winners:

  • Investors: Secure and stable interest payments from a diversified, well-managed MIC
  • Brokers: Alternative lending solutions that offer the flexibility the big banks can’t
  • Borrowers: No credit? Poor credit? New to Canada? We provide mortgage alternatives to get them in their dream home.


The Manager, RiverRock Management Inc., is licensed as a Mortgage Administrator through the Financial Security Commission of Ontario (FSCO). Mortgage Administrator License # 12514.

Donville Kent Asset Management is an Exempt Market Dealer licensed with the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC). This partnership allows all RiverRock’s shares to be issued by a licensed entity.